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Hello! I'm Fraser. I play music under the name Wrong Life, and a bunch of my friends are kind enough to play with me. I tried fooling people into thinking it was a proper full band with a somewhat steady line-up but it didn't work, so here we are.

Someone described Wrong Life as "power-pop-punk-rock genius", which sounds pretty cool and will hopefully shift a few units. However, someone on a podcast sounded particularly dejected when asked what they thought of the stuff I've put out so far and said something like "I don't know what the guy's doing", so probably best checking the songs out yourself. 

New EP 'Dreamer's Gait' is out now.

Full-length coming later this year.

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Full discography and merch available via the Wrong Life Bandcamp.



8-10/10/21 - London, England @ Till The Fest

13/11/21 - Stafford, England @ Redrum w/ Wonk Unit, Swan Prince and Goodbye Blue Monday


I'm endorsed by Orange Amps. Super easy to get an amazing sound.



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