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The self-titled Wrong Life album is out now!

Digital/digipak CD/LP/cassette from the WL Bandcamp:

UK/EU LP from Brassneck Records:

US LP from Rad Girlfriend Records:

Cassette from Cat's Claw Records:

Japanese digipak CD from Waterslide Records:

Streaming stuff:

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'Early Workings of an Idea' is out now on limited edition marbled red and black vinyl via Last Exit Music!


Wrong Life - Early Workings Digital.v4.jpg
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Starstruck: A Tribute to The Kinks is out digitally and on CD now, featuring Wrong Life, Wheatus, The Operation MD (members of Sum 41, The Offspring and Everclear), Riverboat Gamblers, Shedonist, Publicity Stunt and more!

Released by Wicked Opossum Records in the US. Distributed in the UK by Limited Fun Records.

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Hello! I'm Fraser. I play music under the name Wrong Life, and a bunch of my friends are kind enough to play with me. I tried fooling people into thinking it was a proper full band with a somewhat steady line-up, but it didn't work, so here we are.

Someone described Wrong Life as "power-pop-punk-rock genius", which sounds pretty cool and will hopefully shift a few units. "Emo-ish, punky bullshit" might be more apt though.

The self-titled Wrong Life album is out now via Limited Fun Records (UK/EU digipak CD and digital), Brassneck Records (UK/EU LP), Rad Girlfriend Records (US LP), Waterslide Records (Japanese digipak CD) and Cat's Claw Records (UK/EU cassette).

(Photo credit: Capacitor Photography)


Full discography and merch available via the Wrong Life Bandcamp.

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06/04/2023 - Glasgow, Scotland @ Audio w/ Off With Their Heads, Partial Traces and Goodbye Blue Monday

September 6th-16th 2023 - UK/European tour. For UK bookings, contact For European bookings, contact

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I'm endorsed by Orange Amps. Super easy to get an amazing sound.


I run a very small record label called Limited Fun Records. I do things every now and then whenever it seems like a good idea.

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If for some reason you feel like you need to get in touch, then feel free to do so here. I shall reply with gusto and will potentially throw in a few typos for free.

Thanks for submitting!

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